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The Holy Grail Mystery SolvedThe Holy Grail Mystery Solved
By Frank C. Tribbe
Publisher: Galde Press, Inc. (2003)
Pages: 199 – Price: $14.95 review

Frank C. Tribbe has written a scholarly nonfiction book that traces the history of the Holy Grail — the legendary cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper. The book also offers an investigation into the famous Shroud of Turin which is believed to contain an impression of the face of Jesus. Detailed and involved, this book takes the reader on a journey into unusual places.

One aspect of this fine book which will appeal to the reader is the appendices which contains basic stories, derivative stories, critiques, Grail history and Grail background, and the Grail in movies and television. There are many illustrations and photographs accompanying the text and a nice section of maps for reference.

The bibliography adds further references. The book contains 15 chapters plus a preface and foreword by David McKnight.

What makes this book a reliable reference is the manner in which the author carefully documents his statements. The chapters are self-explanatory and interesting. Among the topics covered are the background of the Holy Grail, how the Grail was born and its literary and historical quest attributes, the Grail relics, records of Jesus and modern miracles, and the great myths surrounding the Grail. There is so much valuable information to devour, pick and select from, that it is a moveable feast of reading entertainment.

A point that the author makes is that the Holy Grail is enlightenment, and a quest for the Holy Grail is a spiritual form for actualizing the human potential for growth in each human being. And to quote from the book, "The attainment of the body of light, exemplified by the image on the Shroud, is available to everyone.”

The section pertaining to Grail history is one of the best available in print. There is a wealth of detail here to satisfy the most curious reader. As a reference work, this is a satisfying and well-written book that will give hours of reading enjoyment. In the critique section, stories and movies and other materials are examined and reviewed, and serve as a solid reference and guide to other items. One startling fact is how an artist creates what the face of Jesus appears to be based on the data at hand, and it is a face that will amaze the reader. The face is on page 30. 

Factual, detailed, concise, smooth style of writing, and an intense quest for every available known fact concerning the Holy Grail and the Shroud are the standout marks of this excellent book. Each page turns and the reader discovers another new and unusual fact! 

The Holy Grail Mystery Solved is the type of book readers of the supernatural will enjoy, and a nice item to have placed in your local Public Library. There is a sense of blunt honesty that permeates author Frank C. Tribbe’s writing, and that is what makes his The Holy Grail Mystery Solved a fine reading experience.

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