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Witness: Lillian
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Date of Encounter: June 10, 1991

When I was little my mom had finally rented a house after many years of living in a apartment. When we got to that house I remember that I got the weirdest feeling, but I just ignored it. Later, when my mom and I got settled in the house I started seeing weird things and hearing odd sounds. I really paid no attention, I was young and I just figured it was my imagination. As years passed, I started having nightmares and hearing sounds more and more and I started waking up with scratches on my body. My friends hated staying there, but I had one friend that would always stay there with me so I wasn't alone. She had seen some things too. On night when we were at my house alone (because my mom went out for the night) we kept hearing footsteps and voices. We thought it was my mom and one of her friends, but no one was there, so we just ignored the sounds and eventually they went away. When we were trying to go to sleep I woke up to my friend screaming, she had told me that she saw my bedroom door open and when she saw no one on the other side she screamed and the door shut. We didn't get much sleep after that. One of the times I remember, because it's just burned into my head, happened on a Saturday morning when I woke up to watch TV. Well, the dog I had at the time was with me and I would play a game where I would hide under a blanket calling him and he would try to crawl under. While I was playing this I was under the blanket and I could hear my dog running around me then I heard footsteps slowly walking up to me. Thinking it was my mom, I just kept playing, then for a second I heard my dog run behind me and then I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me. When I ripped my arm back and took the blanket off my head, I saw that my dog was in a corner shaking. It took me five minutes to get him to come to me. I was pretty creaped out too. I told my mom, but she never believed me. I had to live with that for four years. I was thankful when we moved. 

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