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The grave of Charles A. Taylor in Phoenix, Arizona.
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Name: Mark Broadley
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date: February 2017

I’m a volunteer at Pioneer and Military Memorial Park in Phoenix, Arizona/ One weekend I was working on a preservation project and stumbled on a headstone with the following inscription:

Charles A. Taylor
Park College

This was enough of an inscription to get me thinking about my family’s past. I called my cousin (a big fan of in California who immediately identified it as our great grand uncle’s headstone. He’d come out to Phoenix to visit his sister after graduating from college and promptly died of smallpox at the age of 26.

I’m also an actor who has performed in many charity benefits for the cemetery. One of my best known performances is Amos Randall, a mortician who accidentally stabbed himself with an embalming needle and died in the cemetery. During my speech I talk about my partner W.A. Davis. A board member of the cemetery located my great grand uncle’s death certificate and found that it had been signed by W.A. Davis.

A picture of Charles A. Taylor:

Charles A Taylor Park College

Charles A Taylor – Park College

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