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Witness: Sid
Location: Fresno, Californa
Date of Encounter: 1999

Even though this happen back when I was 11 years old (I am now 23), I will never forget that night.

My grandparent’s were visiting family in Mexico and my mom was house-sitting for them. I remember settling in bed. Just as I was about to cover up with the blankets, the light went out!

Being 11 years old and afraid of the dark, of course I freaked. I stood on top of the bed and quickly leapt off. I landed as far away as possible from the bed because I was afraid something was hiding it to get me!

I walked down the hall to the closet door to grab another light bulb when I hear my grandpa’s voice calling for me. He asked me to come and see him and that he wanted to show me something. Then all of a sudden, I remembered my grandpa wasn’t home! He was in Mexico!

I completely freaked out and became paralized. I wasn’t able to run or move! I kept hearing the voice asking me to come. When I was finally able to turn around, I heard the voice laugh as I ran to the room my mom was sleeping.

I recall the door being locked as I cried and screamed while asking her to let me in. She finally got up and held me through the entire night.

As years went by, I never heard the voice again but other random creepy stuff happened. My cousin saw a man walk out of the guest room. My mom had her legs grabbed by something she couldn’t explain. Also, I have passed out and felt a hand grab my leg and pull only to discover that no one was there. Alot of stuff has happen in my grandparent’s house. The reason why remains a mystery!

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