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Home Encounters The Girl with No Eyes

Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Jessica Korczynski
Location: Roanoke, Virginia
Date of Encounter: March 1, 2011

In 2011 my now ex husband, myself, and our then one and a half-year-old daughter moved to a bigger apartment off of Starkey Road. It was a three-story building, and our unit was the top two floors, with two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. After living there for about 6-8 months, things got interesting.

During those first months little things would occur like things being in different spot and lights turned on or off. But one night when my daughter was out of the house staying with family, and we had some friends over to watch movies. During the movie our one friend starts talking toward the stairs saying, “Abby go back to bed.” I asked him why he said that and he explained he could see the shadow of her peeking around the corner at the top of the stairs. I told him that she wasn’t there at all.

That happened several times–seeing a shadow of someone looking around the corner at us. Also, the upstairs floor creaked, and you’d hear someone pacing back and forth when no one was upstairs. It sometimes sounded like someone walking with a cane. But the kicker was I was putting up groceries and after putting things in fridge, I stood up only to see an older gentleman standing in my dining room looking at me. He had high collar shirt, thin bow tie, hat, mustache, and beard.

I think there were two spirits in this place. The older gentleman looked out for everyone, but my child talked about a mean little girl with no eyes. For the last year we lived there my daughter refused to sleep in her room at night because of the eyeless girl.

When we were moving, my mom was outside staring at the window of my daughter’s room. I looked up and the curtain was shaking very crazy. Then it jerked back to reveal briefly the image of a little girl with a very angry look. We had our new house blessed before moving in, and after seeing the girl I got sage and walked the apartment. I told her that her time of tormenting my child was over and she was unable to follow.

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