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Witness: Chad Holderfield
Location: Rainbow City, Alabama
Date of Encounter: June 4, 2008

One night I was getting ready for bed. I was putting on my shirt, and as soon as I pulled it down over my head I saw my door close. I said, "Mom, why did you close my door?" After I got no response I went to my mom's bedroom. She was sound asleep.

That morning my dad told me he saw a girl running down our hallway and go into my room. He thought it was my younger sister so he went into my room, but there was no one in there but me (this was about 20 minutes before my door closed).

The next night I woke up to get a drink of water and as soon as I got back in the bed I looked up and there was a girl in a dress. I could not describe the emotion I was feeling. I wasn't scared or startled, but after about 30 seconds had gone by I got up and stood beside it. I went into my sister's room to see if she was in bed, but then I realized my sister had gone to a friend's house that night so I went back in my room and it was gone… or at least I thought it was. Later on that evening I awoke again and she was standing over me looking down at me. After that nothing much has happened to me. My friends have seen stuff in my house, but I haven't.

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