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Home Encounters The Floating Spiky Black Ball

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Location: Shawnee, Kansas
Date: June 30, 1999

When I was 6 years old in the Summer of 1999, my parents told me that I was allowed to dig in a certain portion of our house’s yard along the side of the house. My best friend would come over every day after school and we would dig with garden trowels for fun. He was crouched to my left digging alongside me one day, and as I turned to speak to him I saw a spiky black ball floating about two-and-a-half feet off the ground. It looked like a matte black sea urchin, the body portion was roughly basketball-sized, with approximately one-foot-long spikes protruding in every direction. The object did not have a metallic or reflective surface. My friend saw my eyes go wide and he looked as well.

The object passed us close enough that I could have reached out and touched it. It floated past him, then past me, and through our wooden fence without breaking form whatsoever. It phased through like one would imagine a ghost walking through a solid object. It turned around the corner of the house and I never saw it again.

Thankfully, I was a clever enough kid to ask my friend what he saw first so he wouldn’t just agree with me in his panic. He described the same thing I had seen. I almost wish I hadn’t asked him first, because now I can’t write this off as my imagination. I recently found him online and asked him if he remembers the event as it has been nearly 20 years. He does recall the event as I described, except that he remembers the object/entity as a “purple blob” and not as a spiky black ball.

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  1. This same exact thing happened to me in my hometown in Alabama! I tried to grab it and it disappeared in front of my eyes!

    • Hi Patrick, I’m the author of this story. Can you give me any more details? You’re the first person to claim to have seen something similar. Like which year did you see it?

      • I saw one in my room last night. I wasn’t afraid, but it made me angry for the intrusion. It was at 2:00 am. I’d been asleep, woke up and saw it. I sat straight up in bed and it shot across the room and dissipated. Very strange. I’ve seen other “creatures”. It’s my first for this and I’m not happy about it.

  2. My son who’s is now 13 saw it when he was 3 in 2011. At my parents he saw the black spikey ball float by my dad’s red truck

  3. My Dad’s girlfriend experienced this years ago and I have been searching for answers ever since she told me about her experience. Your description is almost exactly like hers. Three or so feet off the ground, black ball with spikes, having an eyewitness, all the same.

    • I see this same phenomenon at night and have experienced it for years. For me, it the spikes are fuzzy/move constantly and it moves slowly away as I try and reach it. Sometimes I’ve woken with it in the bed next to me and I’ve panicked thinking it was a spider. It happens a lot and Ive almost become used to it but last night it had red in it and was coming down towards me quickly. I kept blinking as I couldn’t believe my eyes. I turned to get away and it was gone. I’d love to know what it is.

  4. I saw this last night when i woke up in bed. It was above me, i shouted curses and thats when it floated slowly towards the window and phased out. To add this spikey ball was kinda fuzzy and its spikes would protrude in and out randomly all over.

  5. I seen something like this last night i was resting and all the sudden woke up and there it was i thought it was a spider at first and gasped it was floating and spikey and like the other person said the spikes were moving in and out but it floated away after 10 seconds or so. It scared me at first but after 5 seconds i stopped caring and went back to sleep

  6. I am relieved to read that I’m not the only one! I saw this exact same described object roughly a year ago. I was walking into my job’s shop and stopped in my tracks when I saw 2 of them. They were floating towards me about 3 to 4 feet from the ground. They went right in front of me and I was too cautious to try to touch them. They floated out the door I opened and into the dark.

  7. I saw the same thing back in the late 90’s.. I was a young kid waking up on Easter morning and I woke up before everybody else so I went to check out the water baskets out of curiosity. As I look down at my basket, I see something fly by the window. I look to my right and it’s at my glass door that goes out to the deck. It was floating like a hummingbird, zipping back and forth and it started cutting a square next to the doors handle. At that exact moment, I look over and there is a man I’ve never seen before hopping over the railing onto the deck. He stops dead in his tracks the second he sees me and I freeze as well. We are both frozen, staring at each other for what seemed like a 5-10 seconds but I’m sure it was only a split second. Then he turns around and jumps off my deck and I run to my room on the other side of the house and I see him getting into the passenger seat of a car and driving away. I run out of my room and straight across the hall to my mom’s room to wake her up. I tell her I saw a flying ball with spikes cutting the glass door. She heard me fly out of my room and assumedi just woke up from a bad dream, so she tells me to go back to sleep. I didn’t know what to think so I oblige and went back to bed. Later that day, my mom pulls me aside because she noticed the glass door has a sloppy square carved into it. She asks what that was about and I told her “the flying black ball with spikes did that, I told you” and she seems confused but she continued asking questions. She asked me what the man looked like and I told her “black hair, blue eyes, same size as dad and his car was an old blue car and he had these shiny black penny loafers” and as soon as I said penny loafers I saw the color literally drop out of her face and she went ghost white, literally. She asked me to sit down and go over exactly everything I saw in detail. When I was done she didn’t have anything to say besides “I need to call your father” and my dad came over (they were seperated) and he asked me about the glass being cut and said “you did this, right?” And I was like “nope that was the flying ball” and he definitely didn’t believe me. My mom and dad never brought that up again until I asked my mom many years later. She told me I had a perfect description of a jealous ex co-worker of my fathers. From the physical description of his face and body and hair and eye color and his bushy eyebrows to the penny-loafers and blue Oldsmobile, my description was unbelievably accurate. And soon after I saw that, the ex co-worker just left town or disappeared however he did. My mom said if he didn’t leave town/disappear, we would’ve sold the house and moved. I still don’t know what to think about it but I know 100% it happened. I felt like I was crazy growing up and then other times I would try to convince myself I was dreaming. But, the fact that I’ve never seen this man but described him perfectly and he was somebody who thought my dad owed him money AND the glass was cut in a square next to the handle (not deep enough to cut out the glass tho), it continues to boggle my mind! What did I see? I know I wasn’t dreaming, it happened in front of my eyes and the cut glass is proof. There is no way I cut the glass and made this whole scenario up…. But I am very interested to know other people saw this as well!

  8. I saw that too black spikey ball fist size but i saw 6-8 of them floating inside our house, i though its just my imagination since im still 7 years old at that time until i search it today. (21 yrs old) proving that its not just me whos seen it. I just couldnt forget it. Maybe its just a thing for kids or not, still no one believes me. Thankfully i saw this website while searching in the google. Hopefully there will be an explanation soon regarding this event, i think it will be incredible, im just glad that im not alone whos seen it, as many of u have… ^_^ (excuse my grammar and spelling im english is not my native langauge, im from phillipines ^_^)

  9. I’m looking for help. My son who is 8 almost 9 says he sees a solidly black “urchin” ball that’s fuzzy floating/zooming across the room and it disappears into dark areas. He’s been saying he sees it randomly. And it is affecting how he is sleeping now. He is having a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep, I think mostly because he’s nervous about seeing this while trying to fall asleep and he keeps turning on all the lights in his room so it’s not very comfortable or conducive for falling or staying asleep. I’m really interested in hearing more about your stories in hopes that I might understand the things he is seeing and helping him feel more safe.

  10. I had just seen one last night while in a deep sleep I awoke to this black fuzzy looking sea urchin ball floating above me I honestly thought I was a spider i even grabbed my phone to shine a light as i watched it continue to float only to phase through the ceiling/wall these things are demonic no doubt , we aren’t hallucinating but we must pray against them whether you believe in them or not Jesus Christ can cleanse you all and your homes

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