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Home Encounters The Floating Spiky Black Ball

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Location: Shawnee, Kansas
Date: June 30, 1999

When I was 6 years old in the Summer of 1999, my parents told me that I was allowed to dig in a certain portion of our house’s yard along the side of the house. My best friend would come over every day after school and we would dig with garden trowels for fun. He was crouched to my left digging alongside me one day, and as I turned to speak to him I saw a spiky black ball floating about two-and-a-half feet off the ground. It looked like a matte black sea urchin, the body portion was roughly basketball-sized, with approximately one-foot-long spikes protruding in every direction. The object did not have a metallic or reflective surface. My friend saw my eyes go wide and he looked as well.

The object passed us close enough that I could have reached out and touched it. It floated past him, then past me, and through our wooden fence without breaking form whatsoever. It phased through like one would imagine a ghost walking through a solid object. It turned around the corner of the house and I never saw it again.

Thankfully, I was a clever enough kid to ask my friend what he saw first so he wouldn’t just agree with me in his panic. He described the same thing I had seen. I almost wish I hadn’t asked him first, because now I can’t write this off as my imagination. I recently found him online and asked him if he remembers the event as it has been nearly 20 years. He does recall the event as I described, except that he remembers the object/entity as a “purple blob” and not as a spiky black ball.

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  1. This same exact thing happened to me in my hometown in Alabama! I tried to grab it and it disappeared in front of my eyes!

    • Hi Patrick, I’m the author of this story. Can you give me any more details? You’re the first person to claim to have seen something similar. Like which year did you see it?

  2. My son who’s is now 13 saw it when he was 3 in 2011. At my parents he saw the black spikey ball float by my dad’s red truck

  3. My Dad’s girlfriend experienced this years ago and I have been searching for answers ever since she told me about her experience. Your description is almost exactly like hers. Three or so feet off the ground, black ball with spikes, having an eyewitness, all the same.

  4. I saw this last night when i woke up in bed. It was above me, i shouted curses and thats when it floated slowly towards the window and phased out. To add this spikey ball was kinda fuzzy and its spikes would protrude in and out randomly all over.

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