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Witness: Beckie
Location: Southampton, England
Date of Encounter: August 16, 2008

My partner had gone out for the night and I was in bed watching a film on TV. I had the sensation of being watched and was sure I could see shadows moving in the hallway. I was struggling to stay awake and watch the rest of the film. I was not looking into the hallway, and was sure it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, but I must of dropped off and as I did I heard a thud and opened my eyes with a start. I noticed my bedroom lamp had just somehow moved off the bedside table and was now rolling about on the floor. It has a round, metal base and is a touch lamp so it's quite weighty — it wouldn't have just fell. I grabbed my phone to text my mum and noticed it was exactly midnight. I told her what happened and she replied saying that both her, my dad, and the dog had just seen a figure moving around the kitchen! I decided to turn the lamp off and get to sleep ASAP, or I would be up all night!

That's when I had a most horrific dream. I was walking down the road by my parents' home and noticed two lads who were messing about in the road. One lad stood in the middle of the road with his arms outstretched in an attempt to stop traffic, but then got hit by an old double-decker bus. It was an awful sight, very horrific and bloody, half his skull was missing. The driver got out and started to move the body and I was yelling and yelling to leave it be, incase the poor boy was still alive, he was causing more damage. I then awoke, tears streaming down my face, and feeling really sick. I wonder, if it was a ghost who pushed over my lamp, imposed this experience onto me to show me how he died, or if it was the figure in my parents' kitchen? Who knows, but this was more of a dream, I can't forget about it.

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