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Home Encounters The Entity is Attacking Our Family

Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Robby Edwards
Location: Rector, Arkansas
Date of Encounter: January 1, 2016

Over the past year we have had several encounters and even attacks now. I have lots of pictures and videos and witnesses. Most people I know, including family, will not come to my house anymore. These entities have, over the past few moths, started attacking us. I have a picture and video of a ghost either entering my daughter’s body or having sex with her, and my cameras caught the movement and took the picture. The ghost looks at the camera and then goes into my daughter in front of your eyes. And this is in a single still picture. But the pictures and videos will disappear if I don’t make copies. In the past 3 months I have been cut 3 times in the exact same spot in the exact same way. It burns really bad when they do it. I have been attacked and it took my breath away and left the smell of embalming fluid in my lungs. I live in a 2-story house, and nobody goes up stairs of this house. Were we live is what I’m told used to be the city dump. And my house was moved here many years ago. The house is from what I was told, from right around the late 1800’s. I will have the house paid off in a few months, so I can’t leave it. I have seen a big change in everyone in my family. I think we need help before something really bad happens.

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  1. Not to be vulgar or overly intrusive but how old is your daughter. This sounds like poltergeist activity and it usually revolves around a young girl just entering puberty. Whatever you do don’t have the house blessed as this inevitably backfires. Like a weak vaccine or low dose antibiotic it might at first appear to do some small measure of good only to have the problem come back stronger than before.

  2. The best option should be is to leave the house. But as you could not do it you should contact any church official or a father to get rid of the ghost.

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