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Ouija Board by Frank Grace
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Witness: Dave Pratt
Location: Bronx, New York
Date of Encounter: March 8, 2014

Something Unbelievable Happened! I didn’t believe in the Ouija board because they sell them at Toys R U, so I didn’t think they would sell something dangerous to kids and adults. I have read stories about the Ouija board but I don’t know if it’s true. People do makeup stories, so it’s hard to tell if it’s true or not. Some people say the Ouija board is just a game, other say it’s not just a game and some say it’s dangerous. I had to find out for myself if the Ouija board is really dangerous. On Sunday I decided to go to Toys R Us to buy the board. I drove my car in the morning to Toy R Us and I was just looking around at first for about an hour. After looking around I went to the game section and I purchased the Ouija board. I drove back to my apartment and I put the board in the closet.

The same day about 10:00 PM I decided to try it out. I took it out of the box and put it on my bed. I didn’t have any candle so I just dimmed the light. I put the board on my lap and the planchette on the board. I put my fingers on the planchette and I started going around in circles for about a minute. I stopped and I started saying, is anybody out there. I kept saying it for about 15 to 20 minutes and then all of a sudden, I felt a strong presence right above me! I was so scared that I ran out of my room and I threw the board in the garbage. I was very shaken! I went back to my room and turned the lights on, and I didn’t sleep at all.

The next day I felt much better and I never felt the presence again. Months later I began to have this urge to make my own Ouija board. The feeling was so strong that it overwhelmed me. I went to Home Depot and I purchased a wooden board and other things. The urge was so strong that I couldn’t wait each day to get home to finish it. After I finished my handmade board I put it on top of my computer monitor.

The next day I woke up at 5:40 AM and I had an urge to use my handmade Ouija board. The inhuman spirit that came through the Parker Brothers Ouija board had something to do with it. I uploaded my videos as proof

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  1. I have been having a really strange urge to make my own Quija board. I have never used one because my Mother had a very scary experience when she was younger and always warned us not to use it. The strange thing is that this urge is for me to make this thing out of all natural materials. I find myself looking a flat stones thinking, “I can use that for a planchette”. I never picked anything up, though. I am terrified that this is something trying to come through. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it, but I feel like if I don’t I’ll always have this urge and that thought will never go away.

  2. I had a Ouija board when I was a kid. My parents bought it for me at Christmas one year. I remember playing it with my Dad and my Grandmom, though we never asked questions about ghosts (my family is VERY skeptic). We’d ask goofy stuff like, “Will I ever see the Backstreet Boys in concert?” and “Will it rain today?” I don’t remember it moving or answering or anything, but my Dad would move it and try to fool me and then laugh and admit it was him. I have no idea what happened to the board after that; I have no memory of it. I’d gotten it way before I ever got into believing in ghosts. I’d had encounters with ghosts before the board, but I was still too young to realize what was happening and I’m pretty sure my parents convinced me that it had been a dream.

    Thinking back on the old house we lived in and the experiences I’d had there and the feelings I’d felt in that house, I don’t doubt that it was haunted. It’s probably a good thing that we didn’t know how to really use the Ouija board. I’m certain that whatever was haunting the house, would’ve only intensified if we tried to contact it.

  3. i used to make my own boards from paper or cardboard and we used a shot glass made contact so many time then burn the board never had any problems after words although we kept a very strong alpha male attitude for the session as well as ended by forbidding any one or anything to stay it was not said nicely and with great force and dominate energy have fun kids

  4. I got a Ouija board in about 1997, and I invited so friends over to try it out. Right away we contacted a 7 year old boy and asked him a number of questions. I asked him what year it was, he said 1935; well my house was built in 1947 so this was B.S.. I was ok thinking that until my sister came home from Florida and told me she had a Ouija board too and it freaked her out and she got rid of it. My got freaked myself when she told me the name of the little 7 year old boy she talked to. Then I asked my dad about the house he told me that our house was built on the foundation of a house that had burned down in 1935, and yes the family died in the house. So I am a true believer in Ouija boards and I’ll never touch one again. I think the part that scared me the most was the boy told me there were others and one of them hurt him a lot.

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