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Witness: Daniel L. Christophersen
Location: Aasiaat, Greenland
Date of Encounter: 2002-2003

I had just moved into an apartment I was renting for a while in Aasiaat at the street "Akunnikasik 69." It was the same day at night when I experienced this "something." My friends were visiting me and we were just gaming Playstation until past midnight — it was on a Saturday. My best friend was the last one who went, pretty late at night. I was lying on the coach, and right after my friend went out, I could suddenly hear something in the bedroom. It sounded like someone waking/standing up from the bed. It got my attention and I began to feel a little weird and uncomfortable. And then I could hear footsteps, light footsteps with both feet on the ground, slightly lifting but, quick/slow… I don't know… And then the footsteps went out to the kitchen and I was still frozen still, lying with eyes wide open, and with my ears focusing on the sound that sounded like a child, at least that was my assumption, we can assume/recognize things with our brilliant minds. And finally, I could hear clearly now that these footsteps were coming toward me from the kitchen to the living room! I was still frozen, paralyzed, in a state I've never felt or can describe. The footsteps suddenly stopped right beside the couch I was lying on and with a deep and extreme chill all over my body, I stood up instantly! With chills all over my body where every hair of my body were stiff as needles. I went to the kitchen, just out of the living room where this "entity" had stopped, and all my chills were gone, just like that. I got my grip, and then I went back in the living room and I could immediately feel the exact same chills, again all over my body! Then I just relaxed, thought about what/who this was, and just got to bed and fell asleep.

It was the only time I experienced something like that, and I will never forget it. Before that incident, I was a skeptic on ghosts and UFO's, you name it, but after that night, I believe!

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