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Witness: Tami
Location: Georgia
Date of Encounter: 2001

My husband and I had rented in an old house in his hometown. We had a three month old son and were moving back to his hometown to operate a business in the local mall.

It was our first night at our new house and we had just put our bed up and I went to sleep. Most of our belongings were still in boxes. I went to bed around 11:00 PM and had my son in the bed with me because his bed was not set up yet. My husband stayed up and watched TV for a few hours. He came to bed a couple of hours later. Around 3:00 AM, I got up to get a diaper for my son. This was a small house and I had the diapers in a box in the middle of the next room, which would be my son's room. I did not turn the light on when I walked in to the room because I knew where the diapers were. I was trying to be quiet not to wake up my son. As I bent over to pick up a diaper, an entity surrounded me. I could feel it as a violet energy. I saw (only in my mind) what appeared to be something like a wolf or a large dog's teeth. I startled the creature. As I stood up I was calm, still in the dark. I slowly backed up, communicating with the creature that I was not afraid of it. I turned the light on and said too it, "How do you like that?" The light made it calm down. I feel that I startled the entity. As I backed out of the room I realized that it could no come through the door. I stood there a few moments communicating with it. I then closed it up in the room with the light on and went back too sleep. 

The next morning my husband said too me that he thought the house was haunted. I laughed and then asked him why think that. I was thinking the same thing but I had not told him of the incident during the night. He then told me that while he was watching TV he had heard a man's voice in the house. He turned the TV down and looked around the house. He heard it again shortly later. He looked outside but said he saw nothing and then decided to go to bed. After he told me of his experience, I then told him what I had encountered. We both felt uneasy. He took me to work and went to play golf.

I was on the phone with my sister when the entity walked into my store that day. I have owned my own business for years and dealt with a lot of colorful people. I am not afraid of anyone and am a very independent person. The entity had either manifested itself as this person or attached itself to this person. The man was my vision of a person that would frighten me. He was old, maybe 70, he wore a weathered red coverall, the kind gas station attendants wear in the winter. He had long gray hair and beard. He wore a black patch over his right eye. I knew when he opened the door that he was the creature from my house. He had come there to scare me away from the house. I told my sister to stay on the phone. I laid the phone down and asked the man if I could help him. He presented me with some sort of plaque and asked me if I could engrave on it while he waited. I was very nervous. I told him that he would have to leave it and pick it up later. I was calm. The whole time knowing that he was the creature. He just looked at me for a moment and then agreed to leave the plaque for a few moments. He wrote the inscription on a piece of paper. As he left the store. I locked the door and told my sister about him. I then called my husband to return to the store. The inscription was something about "Zulu" that I did not understand. I engraved the plaque. My husband returned to the store and decided to wait out in the mall area awaiting the man's return. The man did return. He walked out into my showroom and was standing so that I could see the side of his face. I called to him, "Sir, I have your plaque ready." But he did not move. I walked closer and called to him again, but again, he didn't move. I finally had to walk around completely in front of him to get his attention. He then followed me to the counter. I thought, maybe he is death. I lowered my head so that he could not see my face and told him how much the engraving was. He heard me just fine. He then walked out. My husband watched from the mall area. I was so shaken up that I had to close the store for the rest of the day. I knew that this was the entity's way of telling me to back off. I called the bishop to ask if they could come to the house or maybe see us. After a few hours my husband and I tried to reason out all of the events of the last 24 hours. We decided that we would not be run away from our home. We would go there before dark, thinking that we would feel more comfortable this way. So we did. I began unpacking boxes in the kitchen. There were so many of them. I had the back door open and was throwing the boxes outside when it began so sprinkle.

My husband was outside talking to me. I told him that I was going to burn the boxes. I was afraid that If I left them out, that they would become soggy and hard to dispose of. He lit the boxes and was standing out watching the fire as I continued to through the boxes outside. He called me, I said, "Yes?" And he said, "Come outside." When I asked why, he said, "Just come out here now!" I ran outside to see that the curtain in the bedroom where the encounter had taken place had fallen to the floor. I knew this was the entity's way to tell us to get away. We put the fire out and left the house.

We never spent the night there again. More communication happened between me and the entity. It let me know that it could harm my family. It was also holding innocent spirits in the house. 

My urge to be away from the home was so strong that I hired people to move our belongings from there, never to return. 

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