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A Door Opens by Frank Grace
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Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date: Since 2013

I’ve had many different encounters with a ghost, but this one kind of scared me. The encounter was just a few days after me and my family moved in to a new house back in 2013. My little siblings were running around the house, playing tag, while me and my older sister were talking. Me and my older sister shared a room together, which was a big room, which has two doors on opposite walls. one door leads to my sibling’s toy room, while the other door leads to the kitchen.

While me and my sister were talking, the door that leads to the toy room suddenly opened by itself, and the door that leads to the kitchen opened at the same time. As soon as both doors opened, my sibling went running through the doors, playing tag, as if they just noticed the opening. My older sister and me were looking at each other at that point, both of us freaked out by what happened with the doors. I went to see who opened both doors, but, somehow I realized that nobody opened the doors. They opened by themselves. Me and my sister were shocked with fear. Me and her just quickly left the room.

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