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Witness: Norma Joiner
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date of Encounter: April 21, 2005

My daughter came for a one-night visit with some of her co-workers and she spent the night with me while the others went to a hotel. The next morning she dropped me off at work and did the tourist thing with her friends and they were scheduled to leave that night (April 21st). I got home from work around 5 P.M. and did my usual routine. I walked into the bathroom to turn on the small oscillating fan on the counter and I noticed a battery pack sitting in front of the fan. I looked at it and wasn't sure what it was, then walked into the living area to open windows, etc. Around 6 P.M. I called my daughter on her cell phone to check on where they were. They were checking out of the hotel and had to hurry to return the rental car. Then she asked, "By the way, mom, did you see my battery pack?" As ha — that's what it was! So I told her it was on the counter in the bathroom. She sighed and I told her I would mail it to her the next morning. After we hung up, I went to the bathroom to get the pack so I could put it in my bag but there was no battery pack on the counter! I stood there pretty stunned — and I knew I hadn't touched the pack or moved it. I looked everywhere and finally decided I would have to let her know something happened to it. The next day (April 22nd) I called her in Dallas and blurted out, "I don't know what happened to the batter pack, I couldn't find it anywhere." She said, "I found it, mom. It was at the bottom of my carryon bag." She said she must have put it there early in the morning and forgot about it. I told her it couldn't be because I saw it and described it to her.
Well, this was a strange encounter. Now I am wondering about the "holographic universe" and "dimensions." Thanks for letting me share my experience….it's never a dull moment!

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