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Witness: John Bazan
Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: 1977-1978

One night back in the late 1970s I was lying in my bed and suddenly felt the presence of someone or something sitting on the edge of my bed and leaning toward me. It pinned my wrists down gently — holding me down — and I heard a woman's soft voice say, "Don't be afraid." It was pitch black in my room and I couldn't see anything. But whoever it was gave me a long kiss. It was a very passionate kiss I do remember. Then she disappeared. The door to my bedroom was locked and there was no one else in the house that evening.

The following day I thought about what had happened. I asked myself, "Was it simply a dream I had last night?" But I couldn't shake the feeling of how I was touched. I could still feel how I was pinned down, and being brushed by the body of some unseen person. At the time I did not have a girlfriend and I think I was a bit lonely. I was in my mid-20s. In fact, I think I was falling for whoever it was that had kissed me in the night. The following evening I had the same encounter again. The woman — or whoever it was — leaned over and kissed me again. She said nothing. I just felt her sitting on my bed on the right side. I was very happy to encounter her again and I remember saying to her, "Please take me with you." She replied, "I can't take you with me." Again it was very dark in my room, but I could almost make out a shadow-like figure of her on my right side. Then I happened to glance straight ahead and suddenly I saw a horrible demon-like being starring down at me in front of my bed. It almost seemed to glow in the darkness and was surrounded by a mist. I distinctly remember it was tall and had greenish skin and pointed ears or horns. I was so terrified that I turned over and buried my head underneath my pillow. I prayed to God over and over to help me and protect me. I was frozen with fear. I just couldn't move. The following morning I got a crucifix and placed it next to my bed. I did not have any more encounters after that. To this day I wonder what the connection was between the demon-like figure and the woman seated beside my bed. Perhaps one was a guardian angel, the other a demon? Or perhaps there was only one — a demon who had tricked me into thinking (he) she was a caring woman?

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  1. It sounds almost exactly like what you experienced was a Succubus. Its a female demon or evil entity that drains sexual energy from men. She must have felt the urges or loneliness coming from you and the Kiss was to drain that energy form you cause they need it to survive. She couldnt take you with her cause best guess is Hell has a “No Pets Allowed” policy haha… Succubus are very unique as far as demons however as most of them are not really trying to cause you harm. They take the energy they need and leave you be till they come back again. If you make contact or communicate with her she will tell you her name is so and so and act all nice, but dont be fooled she is still a demon…

    Just be glad that in your case if it was a succubus, the encounter wasnt as bad as others have. Other encounters have left people pinned and raped as they could feel “their genitals” being handled. Just be glad all you got was a kiss.

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