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Name: Dee St Clair
Location: Groton, Connecticut
Date: November 1983

On a cold autumn afternoon in Connecticut, my husband and I were having a conversation about his deceased mother on the living room floor. As he shared some details of her tragic murder, a cold wind blew through the room. I thought the kitchen door had blown open, so I wanted to get up to close it; however, I could not move. With my peripheral vision, I could see that my husband was motionless as well. We were both frozen in place, neither able to move or speak.

Suddenly, a vortex of sorts encircled us with great speed, yet there was no wind. It then occurred to me that we had levitated above the floor’s surface. While enveloped in this ominous whirlpool, time and space seemed to cease; but if I had to guess, it lasted about a minute.

This incident left us both stunned, a little scared, and very curious about what had just happened. We both recounted having had the same experience.

Since this time, I’ve had several very positive spirit encounters, but the dark nature and eerie feel of this one has always troubled and intrigued me. While I’m sure it was related to his mother, I’ve never known anyone to have a similar encounter, but would love to hear from anyone that has.

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