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Home Encounters The Dark Shadow Child By My Bed

The Child's Room by Frank Grace
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Witness: Erin Reynolds
Location: Petal, Mississippi
Date of Encounter: May 26, 2016

I’ve seen and heard things in my home before, but nothing like this. I was asleep one night when I kept feeling my toes being tugged. At first I blew it off because I thought it was the cat playing with my feet. Then I realized she was on my chest. I sat up to look down. I didn’t see anything by my feet so I glanced to my husband’s side of the bed to see what time it was. Instead I saw this solid, black form about the size of my 7 year old son standing next to my sleeping husband. I thought it was my son since he wakes my husband when he gets scared. I got up to see what was wrong. As soon as I moved, the shape darted away. It wasn’t my son because by the time I got to my husband’s side of the bed, if it was my son, he would have ran into me. Whatever it was had disappeared. Didn’t creep me out, but made me wonder who this entity is that’s in my home. I’ve never felt it was negative or evil though.

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