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The Complete Book of Ghosts and PoltergeistsThe Complete Book of Ghosts and Poltergeists
By Leonard R.N. Ashley
Publisher: Barricade Books, (September 2000)
Pages: 400 – Price: $14.95

Ghostvillager review

This book isn’t quite what I expected. It jumps around a lot and doesn’t go into too much detail on any one subject. It’s really more of a quick reference book with plenty of other books you can check out on each of
the many subjects covered in this “encyclopedia”.

Many of the hundreds of sub-sections are only two or three paragraphs and then a bibliography. There are some good nuggets here and there, but it just isn’t a book you would curl up with.

Leonard Ashley is Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn College and this is his
seventh book on the occult.

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