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Witness: Astana J.
Location: Brevard, North Carolina
Date of Encounter: December 2009

I don't quite remember what day this happened in December, but it was early on in the month. I was with a guy named Juan who was showing me these houses that I might have been able to clean to make extra money. There were three houses, I'm not sure how to describe it, but they all went together. They were houses a little past Connestee Falls, and at the main house you can see all of Brevard from the front yard. There's also a great view at the back of the house.

This day we went to the houses twice. The first time we were at the houses we were walking through the main house and I got the vibe that something was up with the house. Me being a believer of the paranormal world I said to Juan, "I wonder if this house is haunted?" He turned to me and said, "As a matter of fact, the guy who owns the house told me the he thinks they are because the main room always stays cold and at night you can hear the doors opening or closing and the sounds of footsteps." That, of course, didn't make me feel any better, but I wasn't that scared at the same time. Later that day we went back to the house to see the view of all of Brevard while the sun was setting. Of course we went back into the house to sit down and chat a bit. Juan went on to tell me how he comes to the houses, with the permission of the owner, when the owner is not there to relax and do some thinking.

I started going through a photo album that was on the living room table and Juan said to me that he thought we should get going. I said to him, "No, I want to stay and besides I want to see if anything happens." In other words I was trying to come face to face with whatever was haunting the house. He kept insisting that we leave and I kept insisting that we stay. We started to chat a bit when all of a sudden as I was about to say something to him the radio came on. This particular radio was a good two feet away from us and it was old, so there was no control for anyone to turn it on with. We both looked at each other with amaze and I started to laugh. We tried to turn the radio off but couldn't figure out how to do so, so I just unplugged it. Juan said to me, "Well, do you see?" I was convinced, so I wanted to leave. It was already dark out and before we left Juan wanted me to see how lit up it was in all of Brevard. The view was wonderful and as we were standing in front of the window talking again there was a noise in the back of the house, it sounded like someone was moving around back there. He asked me again if I heard that and I said yes. We heard it again and that time I jumped and grabbed a hold of him. I guess me being so close to him turned him on a little because we ended up on the floor fooling around. We were both half naked when Juan sat up and started breathing real hard. I asked what was wrong and he kept saying he didn't know, he didn't know, he didn't know. So I sat there talking to him, trying to figure out what was wrong with him because he started shaking and he looked awful strange and worried. He finally spoke and still said that he didn't know what was wrong but that he was now cold all the way to his bones. We hurried to get our clothes on and the get out of the house. Leaving the house Juan was still shaking and freaked out. More freaked out than I was. I asked him why he was so shaky and he said that it was because what happened in the house had never happened to him before while he was there by himself. He also said while he was on top of me he felt something cold go through his body, he said it felt like someone or something jumped inside of him. I on the other hand didn't feel anything. I admit I was scared because of the radio coming on and the noises in the back of the house, but whatever was in the house messed with Juan bad. Let's just say I am not going be cleaning those houses after that night.

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