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Witness: Laarni Quiliza
Location: Taguig Metro Manila, Philippines
Date of Encounter: 1984-1998

I was five to six years old when I first encountered a wandering soul. It was afternoon, around five o'clock. I was tired and sweaty from playing, so when I got home I quickly lay in a long wooden chair near the door. My head was in the direction of the door so I couldn't see who would come in (I only see the inside of the house).

I was staring at our ceiling while resting when I heard someone breathing so fast and coming nearer and nearer to the door. I didn't bother to have a look to know who he was because I was really tired. I presumed it was my sister or brother, who got home and, like me they were also tired from playing.

Whoever it was, stopped right at the door, then it move forward to my left side. His breathing became harder and louder (like he was desperate to grasp for a air). Then, to my surprised, he blows his breath straight to my ear. It was a tingling sensation, I felt the moist and warmth of his breath on my ear so I quickly sat up. I was angry and going to yell — then I realized there was no one at my side — I was alone in the house and I saw that there was no one outside. I was nonplussed.

I mentioned my experienced to my mother and she said that maybe it was a soul who was tired from his long journey to find the light. She said that I should have thrown some water outside the door so the soul can drink. I felt sorry for the soul.

After a few years it came back, and my opinion about this soul change. My mother and I were watching TV when suddenly my older sister came rushing from upstairs. She was scared and could hardly speak when she told us what had happened.

She said she was standing beside the bed when she heard someone breathing so fast — but she knew she was alone. She jumped up on the bed and when it came nearer and nearer to her she became terrified and thought to jump down the stairs (the bed was beside the stairs).

She could have died if she jumped because we have long stairs. We conclude that it was an evil soul and was trying to harm my sister. I was not scared, but rather I was furious with the soul.

The third time it came back, many years had passed again, and I was in college then. My father bought a CD disk from abroad. It was a cool disk because it contains a variety of sounds and voices of people and animals. One night, my older sister and I decided to be a prank caller so we can use the CD to trick people. We were using a speaker phone and we were both laughing so hard when we heard the reaction on the other line. (Don't get me wrong, we're not bad girls — we were just entertaining people!) We didn't use bad words or make up a story that will annoy them; we just let them hear funny voices/sounds.

On one particular line, they were angry at us and just hang the phone, then we suddenly heard the fast breathing again. It lasted for few minutes, then it stopped — we felt all of our hair stand on end. My sister and I both looked at each other and asked, "Who is that?" We just both said maybe it was from the other line, but I'm sure it was not coming from the other line because we clearly heard it near to our side, and I can tell the difference between the sound coming from a phone and the sound you can hear just an inch away from you.

This soul removed the smile from me and my sister's face that night and put the joke on us. And now I think he was a clever soul.

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