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Witness: Linda
Location: Washington, Indiana
Date of Encounter: Summer of 1970

We were on vacation and visiting my grandmother. It was a Saturday morning. I was a teenager, but I still loved watching Saturday morning cartoons.

A few days earlier, my Uncle Floyd and Aunt Marim had been in a auto accident. The were treated and released, and then they went back home to Gary to recover. My grandmother kept talking about about how twenty years earlier, my grandfather had died in an auto accident and she was so glad that history had not repeated itself.

Still, as the anniversary of my grandfather’s death approached, I felt a sense of anticipation. I felt that although my uncle was reported to be okay, I knew he was going to pass. On that Saturday morning as I watched TV, I felt a presence that was followed by a feeling that caused me to look to the upper corner of the room. There floating in the air was my Uncle Floyd.

He floated to the back porch where the others were gathered and no one noticed him. I know that he had come to say goodbye. It was 9:30 a.m. on the anniversary of my grandfather’s death.

I found out later that my grandfather had passed at that same time.

I felt afraid seeing a full-bodied apparition floating in the air like that. I couldn’t scream or call out. I just stood frozen mouth wide open just listening to what he was telling me. He thought that he was fine and that his passing was a surprise for him, as well. He said that he was with my grandpa and other siblings that had passed over the years. He wanted my grandma to know that they were all fine and not to feel “as blue as indigo” on the this day.

I was only sixteen and this scared the heck out of me. I wasn’t used to seeing spirits and receiving messages from them. I didn’t know how in the world was I going to tell my living relatives that not only did I see my uncle’s ghost, but also that he had died.

I tried telling my mom but she freaked out and told me not to talk that way or else it could actually make it happen. While I was trying to find someone to listen to my story, the phone rang and the news of his passing came. My Mom took me aside and asked how I knew. I just know what I saw and heard. She told me never to speak of this again. Until now, I haven’t.

It was conveyed that somehow I had caused his death by speaking of it and the guilt I carried for many years was horrible. I understand now that I am a medium and I finally embraced my gift. Mediumship doesn’t cause a death simply by talking with the person on the other side. I will never forget feeling something in the room watching me, calling out my name, and turning to see my uncle floating in the top corner of the room looking young, healthy, and at peace. Looking back, that was a great blessing he gave me.

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