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Home Encounters The Black Smoky Figure on the Trail

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Witness: Stefan Bar
Location: Allershausen, Germany
Date of Encounter: August 2015

My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I were walking from a store in the small town of Allershausen, Germany, to her brother’s apartment. There is a long asphalt trail which connects the center of town (stores, restaurants, and retail) to the neighborhood in which my brother-in-law lives. This asphalt trail goes through a corn field. So you have corn fields on both sides when you are walking. My wife and I were walking and she instinctively turned around as we were walking. She asked me, “What is that?” I turned around and saw a black shadowy/smoky figure. The figure was about human sized but it was fluid. It didn’t move like a human. It was floating and it definitely wasn’t smoke or an actual shadow. We couldn’t really make out what it was, but we both saw it. We freaked out and both started running. Then we turned around and it was gone. I never believed in ghosts, spirits, or demons until I saw this. And the fact that my wife and I both saw it means that neither of us are crazy. It was around sunset. Please contact me if you know what we might have seen.

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