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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Date of Encounter: 2002-2003

Hello, I was just browsing when I came across this site and thought I might share a quick story with you; I guess this would go more on the grounds as being "poltergeist phenomena."

Anyway, does anyone know that "psychosis" and "psychic ability" are very closely related? It is the absolute truth! I guess that the very reasoning for this should be quite obvious, as the fact remains that the mentally ill are most sensitive to their environments anyway. (That was just a little interesting anecdote I thought I would add before beginning my own eerie account of the supernatural!) 

Truth is, I know many, many people who believe in the existence of demonic entities, who may or may not be "religious zealots." Most Christians should believe in such things anyway, as the Bible most clearly points this fact out.

My story occurs in my late teens. I have never experienced "my happy childhood," it just never happened. I do not know if any amount of human suffering attributes to these things, though I think that they might. I do not know if we as humans create our own demons, or that they just are always there. Needless to say, I have always felt oppressed. Oppressed by, um, I don't know what (you might say environment/people/circumstance). Some of the things that I had noticed before the experience in my late teens have always been strange odors, the flashing lights going past my windows, and the family turmoil.

My guess has always been that this sort of phenomena generally likes to exclude itself to a very select few people of low economic status, people of heightened awareness, and even greater sensitivity. I know I have always been highly attuned to such things since childhood.

I know that when I was in school (middle school, in particular) and having such a rough time, I would always have these nightmares.

One night I looked up, I looked to the foot of my bed (I just had this overwhelming feeling that something was wrong), what I saw was this shadowy (blacker than even night) "hooded form," and it had me there just paralyzed. I couldn't move, I couldn't scream, not anything at all (the worst feeling)! I couldn't hear this thing as I was receiving its message — it was more like the message was being imprinted upon my brain so that I could hear it. But the manner of which was different (telepathy maybe?). What this thing conveyed to me was: "Come with me."

The reason I wanted to submit this story is because finally, I want everyone to know that this is something very real! It's always bothered me, it wasn't a hallucination. I recently wrote a book about the experience titled: Psychic Limbo.

Once, while handing out flyers, I met this young man around my age. On my flyers I'd had an image of what I'd seen. He was with a friend and said, "Hey dude, that's like the thing I saw once!"

So, other than my own book, I'd like to add a few good recommendations of this: 1.) the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke…. Revelation 2.) Heidi Hollis's The Secret War 3.) the movie The Entity – Now that was good! Even on it speaks a little on these things. From what I have discovered, the phenomena is not at all unusual. It goes back to the Romans.

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