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Witness: Luke Ede
Location: Richmond Bridge, Tasmania Australia
Date of Encounter: 1997

There are many stories of ghosts from where I used to live, being such a place where many poor souls were sentenced to rot in cells for the remainder of their lives. That is not such a story of mine. I recently read a book about spooky goings in my country and I was shocked to see that there is a story of a black ghost dog that walks across the oldest bridge in Australia. Now I have been to Richmond many times and on a few occasions I would see a black dog walking near and on the bridge. The legend states that the dog is supposed to walk along people while crossing the bridge and to vanish into fin air on the other side.

There are also two other ghosts that frequent the bridge that I have not seen. One is that of a man with a walking stick crosses the bridge and disappears and also of the bridge supervisor, a former convict at the time surveying the work on the bridge. It is said that this supervisor lived off other peoples miseries until one foggy day two convicts fed up with him, attacked the supervisor and then threw him over the bridge, dying of injuries during the fall the ghost is said to still survey the bridge and is mostly seen when the fog rolls over.

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