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The Beginner's Guide to Sex In The Afterlife and The Beginner's Guide For The Recently Deceased by David StaumeThe Beginner’s Guide to Sex In The Afterlife and The Beginner’s Guide For The Recently Deceased
By David Staume
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (February 2006, February 2004)
Pages: 164, 171 – Price: $10.95 review

These two amusing books need to be read together, thus they are being reviewed together! Each in its own way is a delight and filled with both seriousness and humor. 

One is a look at sex after death. It discusses sexual energy in detail and how to work with it. One is a detailed look at what we get and what we do after death. 

Whether you wish to know what to do with that sexual energy or how to protect yourself from harm in the next life, these books serve as delightful guides. Aha, what kind of sex can you get at the inevitable destination?  What to do when you get there? Read the enjoyable books and find out.

David Staume lives in Australia. He is a naturopath and herbalist. The information for these two books comes from his personal observations of nature, and his studies in the fields of philosophy and other areas. 

You won’t be disappointed with reading these two books. You might say, each book is a comprehensive travel guide. Fun reading. Enjoy your trip!

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