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Witness: Kirsten
Location: Barnesville, Ohio
Date of Encounter: May 15, 2005

Before my family even lived around here, there was a father and a mother. She was pregnant with a son. After she had her baby, they decided they didn't want him. They didn't take him to another family or to an orphanage, but instead they threw it down the well. Years later when my grandfather moved into this house, he would hear strange cries coming from the house. He would look and find nothing. Later down the road, his son, which would be my father, moved into the house with his wife. They would later have a daughter and then a son. Our father would tell us about the baby every day. It would amaze us.

One day my parents were outside working in the barn and we were in the house. We decided to do downstairs to play Xbox. After a while, we went to go back upstairs, but we couldn't. The door was locked. There was no one else in the house but my brother and I. Then the lights turned off. We both thought it was our dad because he likes to mess around. We told him to open the door and let use up. No one would answer. We kept pounding on the door trying to hopefully get someone's attention. Then we heard it. It was the cry of the baby. I never heard such an awful cry before. Your hairs on the back of your neck would stand on end. After we heard that, we went out another door trying to find our parents. They were in the barn the whole time. They had no idea what we were talking about. We have never heard that cry again.

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