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Witness: ghostfan
Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Date of Encounter: August 2003

A couple of months before Halloween last year I was able to attend a ghost hunt at Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum in St. Augustine, Florida. I live in Jacksonville, which is about 30-35 minutes away. After the museum closed we were allowed to go inside and set up the equipment. We had video cameras, digital cameras, the gadgets to detect temperature changes, you name it, we had it. There were maybe 10-20 of us in there. We started around 11:30 PM-midnight and didn't have much activity. I am not sure what time they showed but tons of orbs and spirits were present. They were predominately around the main staircase and over and around the huge Ferris wheel (if you've ever been in there you know where I am speaking of). 

I couldn't believe how many there were. Then it happened — somewhere between 12:30 AM and 2:00 AM one of the people in the group — I guess you could say — passed out! When she came to she was laughing. The laugh started as a low giggle and then grew louder and deeper. her laughs got harder and even more loud. She stood up and was gripping the railing of the balcony, like she was trying to throw herself over. It was like she went crazy. We all freaked out, people were trying to hold her and calm her down. Someone alerted the head of the ghost hunt and he said to evacuate the building. 

A couple of people had to escort her out of the building first and as they were going down the stairs, a woman took a picture with a digital camera. You could see that there was some kind of orb/spirit around her going down the stairs. I have never been so scared in my life!! They think that she was possessed. I have not stepped foot in that building since. What an experience! 

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