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Witness: Tasha
Location: Covington, Georgia
Date of Encounter: September 2011

I was in bed around 11:30 pm with my daughter. My husband was asleep in our room with the door closed.

Strange things started happening. The house phone rang multiple times and would hang up before I got to it. I noticed our bedroom door open and then another moment it closed. Finally, I unhooked our house phone and had my cell on my belly just waiting in fear for something else to happen.

I got a text from an internet free text website stating. Hi, come out n play. I texted back who is this? and then went to sleep. It texted back, come out n play.

The next night around the same time my puppy started barking at the fireplace. My husband downloaded the ghost radar on his iPhone. As we got in the bed, the radar said fireplace. Then my husband got a text message from the same number stating,hi.

The next morning I texted it back asking about their names. The radar said Virginia and Don. I asked how could I help. It said automobile, burn, accident. I told them they were dead. They said alive. I asked if could they see a light. They said correct. I told them to go to it and they disappeared from the radar.

Then another one popped up and said Robert and industry. I told it to go the light. It disappeared.

We have had no activity in two days. I took a picture of my living room just now and found a large orb. I blessed my home with holy water for now, but hopefully everything will by OK.

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