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Witness: Lawrence
Location: Trenton, Ontario Canada
Date of Encounter: August 1992

What happened to me and my fellow campers was pretty frightening. It happened late at night when all of the kids were in their cabins close to sleep — it could have been in the middle of the night — but all I remember was waking up to someone entering the cabin very quietly.

Whatever it was that came in walked really weird, I didn't see it walking, but I heard the way it slid its feet across the floor — not a step at a time — but dragging each foot with some effort like it had a limp or something. It closed in on our side of the cabin and to this day I could still remember the way it breathed, very labored, cold, and gurgling. It walked in to our room and stood there, breathing right by my bed. I was on the top bunk so it was pretty much eye level with me if I were to turn around, but I didn't, I was scared to death and hid under my covers. It just stood there, paced and breathed for about a half hour, it seemed like it was there forever.

When I awoke in the morning, I asked all the counselors who had been in the cabin and they were dumbfounded — they did not have a clue. I started asking my fellow campers if they had seen anything, they all told me they heard this guy breathing really weird and they were scared also. one camper in particular had a glimpse at this thing, all they saw was a shadow but its profile was very lean and hunched over, but what was really disturbing was that it paced back and forth at a manic speed, like if you were to record something and play it in fast forward, it also reached out while it stumbled back and forth unnaturally fast. To this day I still think about that night at camp.

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  1. This was absolutely disturbing to read. I know that must’ve been a very odd and scary experience for you. I don’t even know how I would take it if I ever witnessed such a thing. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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