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Home Encounters Spooked at Kilcooley Abbey

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Name: Von Moss
Location: County Tipperary, Ireland
Date: August 2015

I have lived in Ireland for close on sixteen years and quite often my wife who is Irish and myself would visit an estate where her dad had lived and worked for many years. On this estate was a ruined abbey called Kilcooley.

On this particular day we were walking round inside the old Abbey when all of a sudden I had the feeling that somebody was stood behind me. I knew that it could not be my wife as she was some distance in front of me. I turned around only to see a very dark shadow rushing towards me. I jumped back and shouted. My wife turned around, saw the look on my face, rushed over to me, and pushed me out of the Abbey. When I told her what had happened she said, “I knew something was wrong, you do not spook that easy. But when you do, I know it’s time to leave.” We have been back a few times since, but nothing like that has ever happened again, and to this day I know I saw something, but what it was I cannot say.

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