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Witness: Marty Luffman
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: March 18, 2004

I brought home some spirits from Carnton Mansion in Franklin Tennessee in 2004. It was a woman, two children, and possibly a man. 

The first sighting in my bedroom was March 18th, 2004. The woman was standing in the doorway of my bedroom. I watched her float for several minutes and she dissipated. The next sighting was April 2nd, 2004, when a large cloud formed at the end of my bed. I was very scared and paralyzed. It hovered between my bed and the ceiling and there were lights twinkling in it. After several minutes it dissipated. The activity of voices and footsteps were regular. My Sunday school class came over for a cookout, and she (or him or them) moaned during the meal. I loaned my home to some women to have a baby shower for a friend. It was very obvious that the female spirit and children were involved. In the pictures of the party, an extremely large orb is seen floating between rooms and then in another picture from a different camera, the woman appears and we have her face in the picture. Going on three years now, the activity is there. Sometimes when a guest comes, they "taunt" them, i.e. talking outside the room and climbing steps. A male visitor watched the dead bolt on the glass door turn and lock while sitting on the veranda. I put a large framed print of a civil war soldier on a wall about 18 feet above the floor (my ceiling in the great room is 25 feet) the next morning it was turn sideways in the frame. A week later, it has repositioned itself. The alarm on the bedroom door exiting to the veranda would go off on a regular basis until I had it disconnected. The alarm company came out several times and couldn't find any problem. Pictures on the fireplace mantle in the bedroom would also be rearranged. My home was built in 2001 and it is not built on or near a cemetery. All of this activity began after my visit to Carnton Mansion. I did take pictures of Carnton and the spirits of children were in them along with the faces of several other entities. The children are the only ones that are recognizable as children of the McGavocks.

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