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Witness: Samantha
Location: Durban, South Africa
Date of Encounter: May 4, 2006

This happened while I was sleeping — I felt completely stiff and the spirit was shaking me, but from the inside! My sister was sleeping next to me and I couldn't even move to wake her up or call out her name. I was literally screaming but my mouth wasn't even moving and no sound was coming out. Finally I was able to let out a little attempt at her name and I was left alone by the spirit. My legs were still tingling for a while afterward. It was so scary because it has happened to me before but usually only for about two minutes or so, but this time it was like 10 minutes. I saw the face of the spirit who was vigorously shaking me and whispering something. My sister has also had a similar encounter. The spirit has something to say but it won't tell us! I have also felt something sitting on my bed at during the night.

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