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Witness: Phil
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date of Encounter: 1999-2009

My house is rate scary. It is rate haunted. I've lived in my house my entire life, and in the same room I have slept for the past 17 years. When I was around the age of 10, I first started to notice these rate spooky things. Every night around 1 AM, the walls right next to my bed would be tapped six times. This would happen once every five minutes until about 1:30 when this would normally cease.

As a child it would scare me so badly that I would not be able to sleep for the rest of the night, and it badly affected my sleeping patterns. This stopped after about a year however, and until a couple years ago I thought this was the end of it. I was playing World of Warcraft one early morning in my room (around 4 AM) when something caught the corner of my eye. I turned to see a full-grown man standing within meters of me. Strangely enough, he strongly resembled my father so I asked, "What are you doing up?" The man didn't respond at all, and the next thing I knew he had vanished. I then thought about the image momentarily and realized he looked much older than my father and had less hair. I then freaked out and had to turn on every light in the house and play some rate good Slayer songs to forget about it. The final thing I've noticed about my room is that around January every year a pure white light appears on my cupboard door which resembles a face. Normally one would throw this up to a coincidence from light entering and being altered due to things getting in the way of the rays of light. However, this occurs only in January, and there is absolutely no distinguishable light source for it to be emanating from. The light also occasionally disappears when I turn away and look back. Also, many people have issues with cameras and phones in my house, and when my friends stay the night in my room they say they wake up feeling as if they've not slept for days.

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