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Witness: Noelle
Location: Malibu, California
Date of Encounter: June 2011

I asked my ex husband, who passed away three years ago, to give me a sign. I've been praying and talking to him but I never got a reply. But something interesting happened recently, and it wasn't from my ex. Around 10:30 pm one night, a sudden shower of sparkles with a white colored star appeared to my left. There was a dark mass behind it. It lasted about 25 seconds and stopped as suddenly as it had started. I was lying on my bed and I didn't feel scared.

I had a patient that passed some time earlier. A few weeks later, I had a dream about him where he was younger and strong. In fact, he was about 45 years younger than the 86 years he was when he passed. In the dream, he was elated and kissing me on the face. I feel that he was happy because I had told him to go see his wife on the other side. He loved his wife so much. This patient had Alzheimer's and he didn't know that he could just let go and pass. By the time he died, he was down to 50 pounds. I know that he waited until I was on shift to pass.

I believe that he came to thank me.

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