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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Troy, New York
Date of Encounter: 1968

When I was 8 years old my bed faced a closet, and night after night a "being" stood at the entrance to the closet watching me. This "being" one night moved to the corner of my bed. It stood about three feet tall and was dressed in a black hooded robe. I thought it was one of my brothers playing a joke. and at first did not believe it was anything out of the ordinary. It moved to the side of my bed with such speed, actually in a blink of an eye, it was there beside me. I looked over, still believing it was one of my brothers, then I realized it was not them because I could not see a face. Under the hood was complete blackness and it just stood there. All of a sudden I felt this pressure on my chest and was unable to get up. I was able to move my arms and legs, but I could not sit up. I was unable to speak as well. I kept looking at the face, still hoping it was someone I knew. There was no face. It jumped over the side of the bed on top of me and that was the last thing I knew.

The next I remember was sitting up in bed and it was daylight out. Somehow I lost most of the night. I ran out of my bedroom and told my parents but they told me I was just dreaming. I actually thought maybe I was, but deep down inside I knew I wasn't. It was years later when I shared this encounter with my twin brother. He froze in his seat. He asked me, "So you did see them?" I looked at him and asked him what he saw? He said that night he saw three little black hooded figures about three feet tall, around my bed. He said he saw them take me and bring me into the closet. He was frozen as well and could not speak.

A year later my older brother came home from the service and was excited to be home after all those years. We sat around the kitchen table and he said he was happy to be home but did not like the back bedroom. My twin and I asked him why? He said, "When I was around eight years old these three black hooded figures came out of the closet and took me back in there." He was serious and we were shocked. He is ten years older than us.

Last but not least, my neighbor in his eighties grew up in my old house and he told me that when he was eight years old, he was sleeping in the back bedroom and twice these "beings" came to him and he felt the pressure on his chest and was unable to speak. Needless to say, I always sleep with the closet door shut closed. Who were they and what did they want?

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