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Shamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Psychic PowersShamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Psychic Powers
By Kenneth Meadows
Publisher: Bear & Company (March 2003)
Pages: 208 – Price: $20.00 review

An eclectic by nature when it comes to paranormal investigations and occult traditions, I have always been attracted to the study and techniques of Shamanism. This book is one of the finest published to date, and I would highly recommend it to any person seriously exploring the beauty and spirituality of Shamanism. The CD of shamanic drumming is another bonus to this fine book by the late Kenneth Meadows (1925 – 2002).

As a practical guide to psychic powers, this book works. Honestly written, concise and clearly stated, everything in the book serves to help. There are fourteen sections to the book plus additional writings.

Some of the items covered in detail include “Tuning the Senses,” “The Cosmos of the Shaman,” “Medicine Tools,” “The Shamanic Journey,” “Power Animals,” “Totems and Allies,” “The Shaman and Healing,” and “The Sacred Laws.” Each topic is discussed in a sharing manner, and clearly expressed for the reader.

At the conclusion is an interesting section titled “About Shamanics,” and a helpful glossary. There is also a bibliography and index. 

If there is one book about Shamanism you purchase this year, purchase this one for your home reference, and as a gift for friend. It is also a good selection for your local public library to have for its library patrons.

Of special interest are the chapters “The Shaman and Healing” and “The Sacred Laws.” This is the kind of book that can be re-read often with great enjoyment. 

Among the late Kenneth Meadows’ other books are Earth Medicine, The Medicine Way, Rune Power, and Where Eagles Fly. Meadows was the cofounder of the Faculty of Shamanics in England. 

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