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Witness: John Mason
Location: St. Theresa Point, Manitoba, Canada
Date of Encounter: Spring, 2003

It was Spring of 2003, the Grass was just getting green, and the leaves were about to turn out. I was about 15 and my older cousin was 16. We were playing video games one night when all of a sudden we heard a big bang just outside of our window (when it was open). Well, we thought it was just girls playing pranks on us so we just ignored it at first. Five minutes went by until we heard another "BANG" but only it was louder, so we thought, "Damn these girls." We decided, ok we'll give them our attention. We looked outside but all we could see were the dark figures of trees being blown around, and my uncle's abandoned house. We were a bit spooked, so we decide to close the window. Maybe 15 minutes to 20 minutes went by (still in front of the video games) we heard it again, but it wasn't as loud as the first two. We had enough, so we paused our game, grabbed our flashlights, and said, "Who ever is pulling this on us is going to get it!" My cousin and I made our way outside and thought we'd split up and go around the house and find the person or people responsible for the noises and scare them. We had dark clothing to camouflage into the night, and had each end of the house covered. My cousin had the front end and I had the back end, both facing our room window-side. There we were waiting for the culprit when all of a sudden we heard that banging sound, but only it was repeating over and over. It sounded like a hammer. We both met each other at the window side and looking around, wondered where it was coming from. As the sound was fading we looked toward my uncle's house and saw a shadow figure in the window. We thought it was that person who was trying to scare us. We made our way through the door quietly and again the sound of a hammer rapidly hitting the wall was coming from one of the rooms. The sound made us jump, but who ever that was in the room was going to get the total scare down. As we were walking down the hall trying not to laugh, we decided to wait for the sound to stop and jump inside the room screaming thinking it would scare this person. Sure enough the sound stops in a couple of seconds. My cousin and I counted back from 3. "3… 2… 1… AAAAHHHH We got cha!" We looked around with our flashlights and there was no one in sight. Just as we were about to freak out we saw the closet door close, and thought the person heard us and ran in the closet. I acted like I was heading out the door and then my cousin grabbed the handles of the closet door and opened it. There was only an old garbage bag filled with garbage. We inspected the whole house and there was nothing but broken boards and broken glass everywhere. Until we saw a tall figure standing at the end of the hallway looking like it was holding something (maybe a hammer), but we were so scared that we didn't shine our flashlights on it, we just ran out of that house. Now my uncle's house has been newly renovated, his oldest son and family lives at that house, and so far I've only been there once.

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