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Secrets of a MediumSecrets of a Medium
By Larry Dreller
Publisher: Weiser (September 2003)
Pages: 129 – Price: $12.95

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For those readers of the paranormal interested in a straight-forward enjoyable explanation of mediumship, this book will be a wonderful reading experience. Essentially, this book is how to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually to be a medium.

Larry Dreller has a fluid style of writing that captures the reader’s attention and presents data in an informative, lively manner of sharing. He writes well, and he has plenty to share.

Dreller examines the role of mediums and the true meaning of mediumship. Prior to this fine book, he also wrote Beginner’s Guide to Mediumship

What makes this book work, and work well, is its accurate approach to exploring themes of death, the afterlife, and those planes that exist near our living world. He also covers the many differences between psychics and channelers. He discusses what is needed for a successful séance. This book is a guide for any person seeking to become an aspiring medium. A glossary of paranormal terms gives additional insights and references. 

This is an entertaining book, an honest guide for those interested in or already practicing mediumship. Larry Dreller has been involved in séance mediumship since he was a teenager. He lives in Littleton, Colorado. There is a section on meditational exercises included with the book. “Into the Invisible Realm” will be of special interest to those wanting information on the inner planes.

This is a well-written book by an author who knows what he is talking about. It will have a wide appeal and should be considered for inclusion in Public Libraries as an excellent reference work on mediumship. Highly recommended as a text on mediumship.

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