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Witness: Susan Wilson
Location: San Diego, California
Date of Encounter: July 2005

My name is Susan. Both my husband and I have the gift of the 6th sense. His was much stronger, until I went in for surgery on my jaw. The doctors put me under, but not as deep as you would a major surgery. My body went totally under, but my soul is another story. As soon as my body went under some big, warm hands came and pushed me forward (by my shoulder blades) into this realm that was so white I could only open my eyes in little bursts. I was going super fast, and my feet weren't touching the ground. Every time the white light got a bit too much for me, the hands turned me to my meditation spot of trees, grass waterfall, lotus flowers — all the things that calmed me. Just went I got calm again, off we went into the white. One thing I did keep seeing were pillars of white, scholarly buildings. I began to feel entities all above me as faster and faster I went. Then when I thought I was just starting to feel my mouth hurt, bam — back to the trees. The light was alive and musical and unbearable to mortals, but it kept clearing and I kept seeing bits and pieces of an all white community. I know it wasn't heaven, but a different realm. I know these things without a doubt.

When I finally woke up, I could see solid spirits which only my husband could do before, and I knew what they were thinking — they could talk to me in my head. I am Native American, and I have always believed in the other side. Now between me and my husband, our house is like a beacon for lost souls. We see most of them and we don't mind them. If these spirits would stop for a moment we could try to guide them over. We even see the same spirits and the same time. I'm 50, so I'm not a kid wanting attention. These things are real. Next time I will write you about some of the people on the other side we have had the pleasure of seeing. Oh, and they are very aware of you too!

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