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Home Encounters Scratches From My Bed

Slater Mill by Frank Grace
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Witness: Kelly M.
Location: Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: February 1, 2016

Although I’m certain I was born with an inclination toward all things supernatural, it wasn’t until I was in my mid 20s that I had any sort of personal experience. I’m a wife and mother and I bought the home I moved into when I was 11 from my parents shortly before my wedding in 2007. My house was built in the late 60s and none of my family members have ever had any experiences while residing here. Onto my story: one evening upon snuggling into bed beside my husband I heard this scratching, clawing noise coming from inside the bed. Mind you, I haven’t slept yet…I’m fully awake and aware. I leave my sleeping husband and bedroom to stay the night on the living room sofa. I resolve to investigate the next day.

As unsettling as it would have been to find evidence of insects or burrowing critters upon flipping the mattress, checking under the bed, and floor to ceiling all around my room…
What I didn’t find seemed much worse. There was nothing. I keep a tidy home, any sort of critter “gifts” would have been easily spotted. Nothing was amiss.

I return to my spot in bed that night and sure enough, before sleep has any opportunity to wash over me…the scratching resumes! This time, I shake my husband from his slumber and insist he take a listen. It must not be omitted that my husband has zero tolerance for or belief in the supernatural. Yet, he reassured me that he could hear it as well. He didn’t make a big thing of it and essentially brushed it off. The scratching didn’t occur every night and I spent quite a few nights on the sofa in order to evade it when it did.

Another night, before falling asleep, I felt something like a cool breath across my face and the sensation that someone had pushed down on the bed where my face was three times, right in a row. However, the strangest occurrence was a night shortly thereafter…
It felt as if someone had reached from behind/under the headboard and grabbed a fistful of my hair, entangling it within their fingers. I jerked upright and screamed for my husband. He tried to soothe me, but he knew…I’d be heading out to the living room. Many nights after, I couldn’t coerce myself into falling asleep in my own bed. Things settled, but often I would feel as if a cat or something of that nature plopped onto the bottom of the bed. No, we don’t have any animals.

Gradually, the infrequency allowed me regain claim of my position in bed. Since that point in time, I will hear whispering in my room at night sporadically. There have been a couple of instance some where, when fully awake, I see a smaller shadow dark across a room in the evening when the house has settled down for the night.

Try as I might, I cannot link these instances with any change in habit or circumstance…no medication, no increase in stress…nothing to note out of the ordinary.

I’m glad it has ceased, but it still lingers in my memory being it was such a tangible moment. Thank you for allowing me an outlet to share.

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