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Witness: Karen
Location: Ellendale, Delaware
Date of Encounter: September 2005

My encounters started way before 2005 but this one sticks out.

My father died suddenly of a rare blood cancer that killed him in just a few weeks. About a month after he died, my mother had to leave their family home because she could not live alone. She had all utilities suspended, including phone and electric.

My father used to work daily from home at this computer and had two phone lines. Well, I was outside of his office window one day checking on things in the yard. I heard a phone ringing from his room. My mother and sister had also heard it on separate occasions. I thought I was losing it, to be honest. I had experienced so many things in that 100 year old farm house, but this was nuts.

The house was always family owned so I brushed most stuff off as being my grandparents checking up on us. This time, however, I think it was my dad checking in.

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