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Witness: (Name Withheld Upon Request)
Location: Dudleytown, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: Unknown

I too have had an unusual experience at Dudleytown, Ct. I had not been there in 25 years and decided to show my sons where it was as they did not believe that I had ever been there as a teenager. I swore I would never go back there again but got talked into it by my sons.

Having not been there in that long I figured nothing was gong to bother me. Boy was I wrong!

Right after we got there the feeling of being watched  became overwhelming as we started to walk up the trail I felt we were being followed. I went back to my truck to wait for the four of them…All the time I was in my truck there was a pair of red eyes staring out of the dark at my truck. As the eyes got closer I said "so much for bravery" and started hitting the horn to get the four of them back. I wasn’t going to sit there alone anymore. Four times in the past I had seen the shape of what appeared to be a large white wolf or shadow. 25 years later I saw the same thing again. I knew it was time to leave and never return.

My older son had his car ahead of me as we were going down the steep hill I lost all breaks on my truck and almost hit my son’s car in front of me!   I then took at least a mile to stop. I proceeded to drive the truck for quite a distance home without any brakes, just a lot of downshifting. When my son took the wheel off the next day to see what had happened we found that the shoe had become lodged between the caliper and the rotor. The odds of that happening are unreal, and it completely snapped the caliper off,  I will NOT REPEAT my folly of returning there ever again this time I was lucky next time I might not be.

Two nights latter my older son saw the same wolf shape and told me about it but I had never told him thinking he would call me nuts…

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