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Witness: Kim
Location: Annapolis, Maryland
Date of Encounter: 1960s

This happened when I was eight years old. I woke up suddenly about 5:00 am. I was in my bed and alone in my room. However, there was a pretty young lady in the doorway staring at me. She must have roused me because I felt her looking at me.

She didn't say anything and looked friendly but I was too scared to keep looking at her. I turned over towards the wall and pretended I was sleeping. When I looked back, she was gone.

Now, I wish I had tried to talk to her. She was dressed in a long white, lacy dress that I now know is turn-of-the-century clothing. One night, my mother also saw her on the stairway. My mother tried to touch her to see if she was real and her hand went right through the apparition.

My mother also told us that she saw a man in her bedroom dressed as a butler.

The house was a brown shingled three-story duplex with two huge pine trees in front that kept a lot of natural light out. We were all freakd out to go down to the basement where my parents had set up a room for us to watch T.V. It felt so creepy down there. The whole house seemed creepy. After we moved out, we heard that the next family who moved in heard strange noises in the third floor bedroom.

I recently asked a friend to take a picture of the house and it looks exactly like it did 50 years ago. I bet the same spirits still live there. We stayed there only three years and we were all too happy to move out. The ghosts were friendly but it was still so scary to see one. If I ever have the opportunity again to meet a ghost, I will try to talk with them — if I'm not too scared!

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