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Witness: Amy
Location: Connecticut
Date of Encounter: 1990s

All through my life I have seen black figures out of the corner of my eyes. And I've always heard voices calling my name. But what I experienced was not well defined. I still question my surroundings, and although I don't hear or see them anymore, I still feel them.

When I was 6 or 7, my family and I lived in this apartment building. It was red bricked and had three floors with at least 10 apartments on each floor. We had a corner apartment that looked out over this vacant lot that my sisters and I used to play in. We hadn't lived there for more than a few months before I noticed things happening. The first encounter I had I swore it was my sister touching my feet in a dragging motion from the heel to the toes. It really tickled, but when I opened my eyes she was sleeping in her bed. This happened many times during that night. Finally I fell asleep thinking of ways to get her back.

A few weeks later, I just couldn't get to sleep. I felt something wasn't right in the room, so I grabbed my blanket and went downstairs to sleep in the living room. I pulled the cushions out of the couch and laid them down for me to sleep on. The night was very clear and in front of our porch glass doors was a dining table set. You could see through the legs when the moon was bright. I hadn't paid any attention to them but I saw them before I went to sleep. I woke up again feeling odd. I was on my back so when I opened my eyes I could see the porch but I couldn't see under the table. It was pitch black except for two red eyes. They never blinked and the surrounding area under the table was pitch black where it would usually be see-through. All that went through my head was to just go to sleep and it would go away. I couldn't move I was so scared. I tried telling my sisters what had happened but they just laughed. To this day I still swear by what happened and it has left me wondering.

Was it a ghost?

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