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Psychic Dreamwalking: Explorations at the Edge of Self by Michelle BelangerPsychic Dreamwalking: Explorations at the Edge of Self
By Michelle Belanger
Publisher: Weiser Books (October 2006)
Pages: 205 – Price: $14.95 review

In Psychic Dreamwalking, Michelle Belanger takes the reader on a fascinating journey to understand the techniques of dreamwalking and how best to utilize those techniques. By practicing dreamwalking, a person can open up the connection between his or her self and spirit selves. Belanger’s discussion of the direct relationship of dreaming to energy work and magick is logical, and this is a hands-on approach.

This is an informative book. It is well-written in a concise style which makes for enjoyable reading.

Michelle Belanger shares with the reader how she first started experimenting with dream walking when she was five years old. This book comes from her in-depth research and her personal experiences.

Belanger is also the author of many writings including The Psychic Vampire Codex. She lives in Ohio. Ghostly phenomenon and psychic experiences have always been a part of her life. For those interested in further information, she can be visited online at

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