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Witness: Laura
Location: Ventura, California
Date of Encounter: Summer 1999

My son's father passed away in early 1998. Although our relationship had ended about three years earlier, we had a strong connection and remained close friends.

Two days before his death, I had felt/predicted some sort of imminent danger surrounding him. I had desperately tried warning him directly, as well as going to his family for help — knowing that it could be hard for others to take me seriously, or that I may simply come across as a real nut. Then I dreamt about speaking at someone's funeral. When I woke up, I remembered that I had been very emotional, but I did not have a clue as to who had died. None of the people in attendance seemed to have had "actual" faces… they were sort of generic, like characters in some "Twilight Zone" episode.

About an hour or so after I awoke I received a phone call from my son's grandmother, telling me that my little boy's dad had died… he had been found about an hour earlier.

When I did say a few words at his memorial, there were only a few faces that I recognized — I could hardly see anything at all through my tears. However, the real encounter occurred a little more than a year later. As I was getting ready to go to sleep one night, my boyfriend came back upstairs after getting a glass of water. He looked like he was shivering, and as he got closer to me I could see that he had goosebumps (in late summer) — and this is the guy who wears a t-shirt and shorts all through winter. He said there was "something" he felt in the living room — that he passed through some cold spot. Or, maybe it passed through him. He was finally able to fall asleep after a while, but I just continued to lie there in the pitch black a while longer, waiting for sleep to come.

It was after maybe 45 minutes that I heard a voice — soft, and not threatening in itself — but it just pierced right through that darkness. It couldn't have been more than about five feet away from me, as it spoke one word, "Hi." I was frozen solid, and looked all around but couldn't see anything anywhere. My eyes hurt as I strained to see something, my heart was beating harder than ever, and I was literally scared stiff. I knew I hadn't imagined it. That voice was crystal clear, and I had most definitely heard it through my ears. Then, again I heard that same calm voice, saying: "Oh, I'm so sorry." I recognized it that time. It was my son's father — apologizing for scaring me. And then he was gone.

I sure wish I had immediately recognized his voice. I've gotten many signs over the last few years, but I haven't heard a word from him since.

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