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Witness: Pat
Location: Orlando, Florida
Date of Encounter: late March 2000

I’ve had several experiences over the years with visits from deceased relatives, but this was the first precognition I remember. In late March of 2000 I had a dream that about my sister. In the dream, I walked in her hospital room (she was actually hospitalized at the time) and she was lying in her bed taking her own blood pressure. I asked her what she was doing, she said, “Just taking my blood pressure, it’s low.” I told her I would get a nurse or doctor, she said, “No, it’s ok, I’m dying.” I laid down in the bed and snuggled up with her and stroked her head and back and talked to her, soothed her, and than she died. I got up, used the bathroom, and since it was too early to get up for work, I went back to bed and had another dream. I was back in her hospital room and there was a young boy sitting on a chair in the corner, I don’t know who it was. This time she was hooked up to machines and not responsive. I laid down beside her again and stroked and soothed her and after awhile the machines made a steady beeping noise and I looked up on the shelf that held the machines and saw my mother, who had passed away several years before. I said, “Okay, Mama, you can take her now.”

I was very upset about this dream, so I got up, made coffee, and waited for the call from a family member. I was living in Orlando at the time and she was hospitalized in Massachusetts. Since no call came, I went to work. I called her at the hospital and when she answered I was very relieved, and wanted to tell her about the dream, but she said she didn’t want to hear about it. So I called my sister in New Hampshire who agreed to drive to Boston to see her and told me that evening she didn’t look good, she looked like Mom before she died. I was going to fly up to see her but since the family was getting together in a few months for a vacation, I decided not to. I did tell my sister in New Hampshire about my dream. Two weeks later I got the call, my sister had passed away at home recovering from her surgery. She had developed a blood clot that shot to her lung. As devastated as I was about her passing, I was also comforted, although I was over a thousand miles away, I was with her. Since the years of her passing, we’ve had a few visits and she is peaceful and very beautiful. The last time she visited, I held her face in my hands and told her how beautiful she was and that I loved her. That was almost a year ago, and although I haven’t seen her since, I do feel her around me.

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