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Witness: Shannon
Location: Darlington
Date of Encounter: July 2012

This sort of thing doesn’t exactly happen often to me. But today, it did.

I was walking to school, at approximately 8 am, when ahead I was sure I saw a black dog just wandering around. I watched it for a few moments and I wondered what it was doing without an owner. I mean, it looked really well cared for so I assumed that it had an owner.

I walked towards it and noticed it was looking straight at me. I felt a deep panic but I kept walking. Something seemed friendly about this dog. When I got to the dog I went to stroke it, but as my hand made contact with it, my hand went straight through! It was like I was touching air! But it felt soft and cold. Ice cold.

The dog barked at me and I took a step back, scared out of my mind. I wanted to scream. That is when I felt something on my neck. I turned but no one was there. And when I turned back, it looked as if the dog was being walked away by it’s owner. But then, it just vanished. Literally, it vanished like smoke!

I’m not sure what happened today, but all I know is that I am a paranormal believer now. I never experienced anything like that before.

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