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Home Encounters Phantom Footsteps at Night

Photo by Frank Grace
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Name: Rebecca Elliott
Location: Havelock, North Carolina
Date: Ongoing

Since moving to a downstairs unit at my apartment complex four years ago, I often sit outside at night. Occasionally, on hot, humid windless summer nights, between 2 AM and 4 AM, and usually when there is a storm off in the distance (although not always), I can hear footsteps coming down the sidewalk from the front of the property going towards the back. I think that this is masculine. The footsteps are heavy and apparently made by hard-soled shoes. It is always the same. And it never fails to have my scurrying inside when I hear it. It is quite unnerving. I’d feel better about it if I saw something. Apparently, I can accept “ghosties and goblins and long-leggity beasties,” but “things that go bump in the night” just give me the creeps.

I know that residuals are merely a replaying of some event, and there is no “spirit,” no consciousness, to them. I know this. But those disembodied footsteps just trigger something in me. I do have two active spirits in my apartment, they are cats, and my cat very obviously sees them and plays with them on occasion. They have never bothered me in the least.

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