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I am Ron Kolek of Ghost Chronicles and the New England Ghost Project and I have teamed up with U.K. parapsychologist Cal Cooper to conduct a pilot study on dowsing. You will need a pendulum and a deck of cards. Watch the video posted below, follow the instructions, and send your name and results to: (Your name and results will remain confidential.) This is a blind study. You will be picking the winners of week 1 of the NFL playoffs. (I know the results have already been determined, but it doesn’t matter.) The cards have been randomly selected to represent specific teams, winners and losers. All entries will be entered into a drawing to win a free Paranormal Package of Stuff! (one entry per person) The results of the experiment will be eventually published in a scientific paper.

Thank you for your participation and have fun!

Ron Kolek
Ghost Chronicles
Ghost Chronicles International
The New England Ghost Project

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